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London District Catholic School Board
Admissions & Registration
Community Input and Feedback

Community Input and Feedback

Community input to the ARC regarding the Preliminary Administrative Report is encouraged.  All written comments and input from the community will be submitted to the ARC for their review and consideration.  The deadline for written input to be included in the Final Report to the Board is Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  

All written comments, submissions, and inquiries should be sent to:

It is important to note that all written submissions and inquiries, including by e-mail, will become part of the public record of the ARC review process.  Published information will include your name and e-mail address, your written comments and replies from the Board.  As a public record, please refrain from disclosing personal information and any other identifying information (i.e. home address, child's name, age, other persons) that should remain confidential.  ​