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London District Catholic School Board
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Community Partnerships Review

Policy K 4.4 Facility Partnerships outlines the process for consultation with community partners regarding available space within existing facilities and for proposed capital projects.  The Board undertakes an annual review as part of its capital planning review process to identify potential space for community partnerships in both existing open facilities and in new construction or significant addition/renovation projects as approved by the Board.  At minimum, an annual meeting is held with community partners to share facility planning information so that agencies may have sufficient time to respond to presented opportunities.  Relevant information from community partners is also requested regarding their objectives and related data to inform facility planning decisions of the Board.

The Preliminary Administrative Report includes Appendix A - Community Partnerships Consultation.  The appendix contains meeting minutes and a copy of the Administrative presentation from the meetings held in 2016.  To view Appendix A - Community Partnerships Consultation, please click on the link below:

 Appendix A Community Partnerships Consultation