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London District Catholic School Board
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Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) is an option under the Education Act that allows alternative programming for secondary students, aged 14-18, who find they are not benefiting within the regular school system. If the decision is that a student would benefit from SAL, an application and SAL plan is developed in consultation with the school student success team. The SAL Plan outlines goals in three specific areas: Education, Work, Personal Goals

Advantages of SAL

SAL is a transitional program that can provide an educational option for the most challenging students. The focus is on students who have significant difficulty learning within the context of a regular classroom for a variety of reasons:

  • chronic absences from school
  • disengaged from school
  • difficulties coping with the traditional structured classroom
  • mental health issues /anxiety, depression, school phobia
  • may​ benefit from a practical, short-term employment experience
  • may benefit from different life experiences to help gain personal awareness and knowledge, develop skills for problem-solving, decision-making and goal setting
  • need to earn certificates to gain employment

SAL provides flexibility plus an opportunity to be pro-active with students to develop a plan to return to school at a later time or to gain employment. Students given approval for the SAL program may continue his/her learning in various ways such as:

  • part-time employment and part-time school
  • enrollment two or less courses
  • participation in employment-readiness programs
  • participation in community-based youth programs
  • participation in community-based counselling to address barriers to learning
  • participation in life skills and personal life management non-credit classes
  • engagement in volunteer experiences and other activities that will help students set short and long term goals to transition back to regular school, or prepare for the world of work