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London District Catholic School Board
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Recreation Programs

​​​​The philosophy of our Physical Recreation Program includes the opportunity for skill development by all students through a program that fosters maximum participation. The current program was initiated in 1970-71 and to this day is based on MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION aimed at serving the needs, interests, and skill level of all students regardless of ability, location and socio-economic background.

2019-2020 Recreation Program Event Schedule


Guiding Principles for Continuous Development of the Recreation Program:

  1. To keep the primary aim of our schools as the guiding light in the operation of physical activities for our children, participation in sports programs MUST “...exist to provide an educational atmosphere which fosters the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, physical and social growth of all our students to enable them to live and contribute as responsible Catholics in any society”.  Participant behaviour during athletic pursuits must reinforce and extend this philosophy – not destroy it.  As a department, we must ensure that any barriers to implementation are addressed.
  2. To serve the total recreational needs of all students through a carefully planned program of activities which reaches the largest number of individuals, the greatest number of times and has such breadth and variety to serve all interests.
  3. To serve the recreational needs of children with physical and developmental disabilities by including them in all recreational activities and modifying events and equipment where necessary.
  4. To emphasize events and activities that will have both in-school value and later adult carry-over attraction.  These events must be sponsored and operated in such a way that the maximum in enjoyment, social value, and sportsmanship will prevail.  Health is to be carefully safeguarded at all times.
  5. To address any forces that may reduce the maximum of sociability and good will among all students and staff members participating.
  6. To monitor and evaluate the most efficient methods for arrangement of competition, encouraging competition for the fun of playing and not for possible rewards.​