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London District Catholic School Board
Admissions & Registration

​​​​​e-Learning involves the use of electronic technologies to support learning and teaching. Through e-Learning Ontario, the Ministry of Education provides school boards new ways to teach Ontario's curriculum and new ways for students to succeed.

Students interested in taking e-Learning courses should contact their school Guidance Counsellor.  

You can learn more about e-Learning at the e-Learning Ontario website

​Summer School

Summer School begins at the beginning of July.  Registration and additional information is available at the Centre for Lifelong Learning website.  

​Prior to the start of summer school, registered students should watch the following videos.   You will need to enter your Board e-mail address and password in order to access the videos.  If you are hav​ing difficulty logging in with the information sent in your confirmation e-mail, please contact the Summer School Office:
  • Grade 9/10 - 519-675-4429, Ext. 20850 or via e-mail at:
  • Grade 11/12 - 519-675-4419, Ext. 20750 or via e-mail at: 
Do not call D2L or the School Board office.  They will not be able to help with login issues.

#1 - Accessing the VLE from Home - (2:06 minutes)

#2 - Board or My Home Page and First Steps –  (8:08 minutes) 

Once your course opens, you will not be able to access any of the course content until you have completed a mandatory student orientation module and quiz.  

#3 - Accessing Your Courses -
#4 - Course Homepage or Widgets -
#6 - Discussions -
#7 - Assignment (Dropbox) -
#8 - Viewing Teacher Feedback -
#9 - e-Mail and Instant Messaging -
#10 - Notifications -

Print Instructions and Tips for Success documents are located in the Student Help widget on the My Home page in the virtual Learning Environment.