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LDCSB Launches New Website, New Domain Names

February 29, 2016

site-launch photo.jpg 

It's official, we have launched the first phase of our web project, with a new public website with a slightly shorter address: (versus

Simple navigation, enhanced search functionality and mobile/touch friendly interfaces were key factors driving the design of the new site. Students, parents and the community will find it is much easier and faster to find the information they are looking for. The website, still based in SharePoint, is based on new platform and is a wholesale changeover from the previous site.

"We've improved and enhanced the online LDCSB experience to make browsing and finding information easier," said Linda Staudt, Director of Education. "In today's fast-paced world, we wanted to make a site tailored for today's family: mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and give snapshots of our events and achievements. A key theme of our multi-year strategic plan is to enhance communication throughout the board, and the website is a key component."

What's new:​

  • Streamlined, visually appealing design
  • Continuously updated feature stories, announcements and events on the homepage
  • Time sensitive special announcements (closings, weather delays, etc.) are prominently displayed   
  • Social media links, including a live Twitter feed
  • Schools page features redesigned maps and easy access to school information
  • Reducing clicks: as content moves over to the new site, we are combining pages and streamlining layout that reduces the number clicks, necessary for people to get to the information.

Other areas of the ongoing web project include:

New domain names and email addresses: slightly shorter and easier to share than the current address, the new domain name is By the summer, all employee email addresses will switch to from the current In addition, is being used for certain marketing and promotional purposes, and redirects to

School internet (public) and school intranet (staff only) sites: Beginning beginning in March on a school by school basis, all schools will launch their new websites. The sites will have a similar design to the new LDCSB site. Intranet sites for each school will go live in the Fall.

LDCSB Intranet Sites: A new intranet site, dubbed MyLDCSB and hosted within the Office 365 environment, will launch in June, replacing a number of various internal websites and essentially be a one-stop shop for employees to access internal resources, documents and other information. ​