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London and Chinese High School Students to Swap Lives for Reality TV Show

April 21, 2016

Londoners may see a swarm of around 40 people (TV cameras, sound and lighting technicians, translators and more) following a group of five teenagers around town over the next couple of weeks as filming begins for a new season of a hit Chinese reality TV series in a un​ique partnership between Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, LIC China and China’s CCTV2 television network with local assistance provided by Re:source Media Inc.

We Are Young is in its second season and is produced for CCTV2, part of the CCTV Group which is China’s largest broadcaster. The focus of the series is to promote cross-cultural understanding, personal growth, and experiencing life in a whole new way.

Five Grade 11 students from Mother Teresa will swap countries, schools and lives with students from China for two weeks for the popular reality TV series.

The five Chinese students arrived April 20 to begin their Canadian adventure at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School starting April 21. A number of uniquely Canadian cultural experiences are planned in London, Toronto, Niagara Falls and more.

The five Mother Teresa students, along with their principal and the Director of Education will travel to Shandong, China for their two-week adventure on May 5. One of the objectives for the board is to develop a partnership between Mother Teresa and a secondary school in Shandong, China to facilitate an ongoing intercultural educational learning exchange between both schools. 

Mother Teresa’s proposal was the successful choice from among submissions coming from schools across Canada. Travel costs and expenses for the students and staff travelling to China will be covered by the producers.​

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Appendix C The Fortunate Five