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LDCSB Hosting Eid Prayers

August 31, 2017

As you may have heard, the local Muslim community will be having their Eid prayers on the outdoor fields of St. André Bessette. This Friday, we will be hosting several thousand of our Muslim neighbours as they come together in prayer and celebration.

We were very pleased through our community use of schools to be able to accommodate this request. We wish our Muslim neighbours a warm welcome and a very happy and peaceful Eid.

Recently the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops put out the document: A Church in Dialogue. Catholics and Muslims in Canada: Believers and Citizens in Society to help us as Catholics better understand our Muslim neighbours.  In the introduction, Archbishop Paul-André Durocher writes:

“Christianity and Islam are the two most populous religious groups in the world. For our own good and for the good of all humanity, we must learn to live in harmony with each other, and Canada can certainly play an important role in modeling this harmonious relationship.  Knowledge of each other is essential for such a task.”

Here in London, the sharing of our outdoor space is one way our Board is demonstrating to the Muslim community our willingness to engage in a dialogue of encounter.

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