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Student Mental Health and Well-being Survey

May 07, 2018

Click here to complete the survey!

Dear Students:

We invite you to share with us your views, experiences, and suggestions regarding mental health, well-being, and addiction related issues. The information that you provide will help us better understand the mental health and well-being needs of London District Catholic School Board students in Grades 9-12.

Important notes:

  • Your answers will also help inform school and board wide program planning.  
  • This survey is completely voluntary and your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential.
  • This is not a test. Please be as honest as possible and understand that there are no wrong answers.
  • The survey will take about 30 minutes to complete.
  • It is okay to skip a question, if you find it too difficult or too personal. Please try to answer all the questions as best as you can though.
  • Its important to know that this survey is not intended as a place for you to ask for help.

After the survey, we encourage you to seek help from a teacher, staff person, or adult that you trust , if you are upset or having problems.  

Your answers and suggestions are very important to us.

Every one will receive a RESOURCE SUPPORT CARD with phone numbers, links and apps for mental health support. 

Thank you!