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Centre for Lifelong Learning
Admissions & Registration
Adult Credit

Adult Secondary School Credit Courses

Earn your diploma in as little as six months!

Click the link below for Secondary school credit courses for the following modules:  

Day Classes -  Blended Learning - Fixed Start Dates
Blended Learning courses are taught using a combination of in-class instruction and on-line participation. 
These courses will help develop your digital skills much needed in the 21st Century.

September 11 to November 9, 2017 - Fall
November 13, 2017 to January 25, 2018 - Winter
January 29, 2018 to April 10, 2018 - Winter/Spring
April 16, 2018 to June 14, 2018 - Spring
July 4, 2018 to July 27, 2017 - Summer

Day Classes - Continuous entry
Start a course today while you learn the basics and prepare for grade 11/12 classes. Develop your digital literacy, and improve your confidence.

Take a Math or English prep course, earn additional 9/10 credits, earn a grade 12 credit and be prepared for grade 11 Math or English.
Complete missing subjects in grades 9 / 10 by taking one or all of the following intermediate courses in: 
English, Math, Science, History or Geography to earn up to 16 grade 9/10 credits in less than 16 weeks.

Teacher Assisted On-line Courses - Continuous entry
These courses are designed to help students take grade 11/12 courses while you work or other like time constraints. There is a teacher available on Tuesday evenings to help you complete your English course or Thursday evenings to assist you complete your Science course. This a perfect way to get ready for College.

September 12, 2017 to December 19, 2017 
February 13, 2018 to May 24, 2018

Depending on demand we may add assisted on-line correspondence for Math
Please note: you will be required to attend the first two classes to ensure that you will have success using the on-line course material and structure.

Correspondence Self Study Courses -  Continuous entry
These courses are offered in booklet or on-line format. They are designed to be completed with teacher assistance on a timeline that suits your schedule. 
For a few of the assisted courses we are able to provide work space and limited teacher assistance.

September 11, 2017 to June 27, 2018

Night-School Hybrid Instructional​ -  Fixed Start Dates
Designed for those students who need to an instructional setting but can only dedicate one day a week to complete the course. 
Class instruction is on Tuesdays and teacher support is on Thursdays

February 13, 2018 to May 24, 2018

Winter-Spring-Summer Course Brochure

Bus routes using google maps


On-going Guidance Assistance – Registration and Continuous Entry

Call to book an appointment or drop in the Centre to meet with a counsellor who will assist you in registering at the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

You will need a few things to get started

a) An original transcript from your previous schooling.  We can help if you are trouble getting a copy.
b) Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Birth Certificate, Passport, Immigration documents, permanent resident card
c) $100 refundable textbook deposit or educational referral and book deposit letter from Ontario Works.

Schedule and Locations

1230 King Street, London, ON 
N5W 2Y2 

Adult Day Credit classes: Monday - Friday:  9:00 - 11:30 am 12:00- 2:30 pm 
Night School Credit/Hybrid classes:  Evenings, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:45 – 9:00 pm 

FLEXIBLE delivery of secondary school credit courses to assist you in achieving your goals

Continuous entry

Students may enter our General Learning Strategies class at any time during the term.   This course is a blending learning course and it allows you to work at your own pace.  It is coupled with the Intermediate PLAR program that can offer you up to 16 grade 9/10 credits, reducing the time it takes to earn your OSSD.  You can work with booklets or online materials to prepare for the subject specific assessments with at will grant up to 4 credits per intermediate core subjects: English, math, science and history/geography. These courses will also help you refresh your skills as you prepare for the grade 11 and 12 credits needed for College or your diploma!

Blended Learning

These courses are a blend of teacher instruction and computer assisted learning using the virtual learning environment (VLE). These courses enable students to continue with their learning from home, if unexpected events occur requiring them to miss classes. It’s also a good way for students to review what is learned in class as wells as provide extension materials to assist in further learning. 

Self-Study Courses

Self-study courses allow you to work through a course at your own pace.  There is an opportunity to work at home and / or in a classroom space at the Centre.  In this setting you can receive assistance from a teacher.  These courses could be completed using booklets or in some cases completed online.  Online correspondence courses offer hands-on opportunities using computerized simulations. 

Get ready for a new future! 

Book an appointment.   Call us today:  519-675-4436