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St. David Catholic School Dorchester
Admissions & Registration
​Quick Facts
School Hours: 8:55 AM to 3:30 PM
Grade Distribution: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Student Enrollment: 240
About Our School
St. David Catholic School is a friendly learning environment situated in the family-oriented village community of Dorchester. The school opened in 1963. St. David has a current enrolment of 240 students that is representative of 150+ families. The school’s motto is, "Learning in the name of the Lord." 
Our school colours are red, black and white. The school’s mascot is the Wildcat. The feast day of the school is on March 1st.
The original school was erected in 1963. In 2003, a $1.7 million major renovation and addition was completed to house 12 classrooms, an expanded library and computer lab, and a bright and welcoming entrance and office space. The school also has a small gymnasium and a Learning Lab.
In 2008, two more classrooms were added to the school and a major renovation of the original building allowed for a makeover of two Full Day Learning classrooms and the staff room. 
Living Our Faith
St. David is a vibrant, Catholic community where students and staff have many opportunities to pray and demonstrate their Catholic faith. These include daily school-wide prayer, monthly school Masses, school-wide and classroom liturgies, the celebration of the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Reconciliation in Grade 2, and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 8.
These are some of the Outreach Initiatives supported by St. David School: Terry Fox Run, Dorchester Cereal Box Drive, United Way, Angel Tree Gifts for Children, support a family at Christmas, Food Drives, pop-tab Collection etc. 
Transportation Information
Ninety-nine percent of our students travel to school on 18 busses and 1 van. School transportation is provided by the Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services, and is shared with River Heights and Northdale Public Elementary Schools. Bus operators include Elgie Bus Lines and First Student.
School Safety
To promote safety the school conducts daily attendance checks under the Safe Arrival Program, and reinforces the School’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code as required by Ministry regulation. Students in grades 1to 4 attend Children’s Safety Village field trips. Buster the School Bus Safety Program is shared with Kindergarten-Gr. 3 students. The School Bus Evacuation Program is shared with students in Grades 4 to 8.
Three fire drills are held in the Fall Term. Three fire drills are held in the Spring Term. In addition, a tornado drill and safe secure drills (lock down procedures) are practised once a year.