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St. Mary Choir & Orchestra Catholic School
Admissions & Registration
​Ms. Lisa GardiPrincipal​
​Ms. Kathy Palinkas​Secretary
Mrs. Kelly Zabehaylo​Grade 5A
Miss Meaghan Furlonger
​Grade 5B
​Mrs. Michelle Elrafih​Grade 6A
​Ms. Alana Marchand​Grade 6B
​Ms. Victoria Santolupo​Grade 7A
​Mrs. Dee Soce​Grade 7B
​Mr. Steve Chiras​Grade 8A
​Mr. Geordan Patrick​Grade 8B
​Mrs. Ashley Lajoie​SPST
​Mrs. Mary Case​String Music
​Ms. Christine Petrasuinas​Vocal Music
​Ms.Laura Meren​Vocal Music
​Ms. Rebecca Lubos​Vocal Accompanist
​Ms. Grace Yip​Vocal Accompanist
​Ms. Hallie Ashman​String Assistant
​Mme. Teresa Nagyszegi​French Gr. 5, Gr. 6 & Gr. 8
​Mme. Anita Renders​French Gr. 7
​Ms. Barb Debniak​Librarian (Wednesday and Friday)
​Ms. Jessica Wilkie-Facchin​Librarian (Monday)
​​Mr. Scott Shute​Charge Custodian
Mr. Cameron Edmonds
​Mrs. Dawn MoynahanESSS
Mrs. Normelia BeiraoNHS
​Mrs. Donna McNorganNHS
​Mrs. Marina Moses​NHS