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Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration
Enrichment Opportunities


Shad is a 27 day STEAM and entrepreneurship based enrichment program offered in July. This is for high school students in grades 10, 11 and 12.
See attached link for further details.   Shad Information

Western's Initiative for Scholarly Excellence. Earn a tuition free course. Open to students in grade 11 and 12. 
See attached link for further details. Wise Information


A University of Waterloo enrichment program for students in grades 10 -12. 
See attached link for further details. UofW Information


An intensive 3 week French-immersion program offered during the spring and summer. Discover different regions of Canada while learning French in classes adapted to your language level. For students aged 13 to 15).
See attached link for further details. Explore Canada Information