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Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School
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Our Sister Schools

Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School has established educational partnerships with a number of sister schools. Our goal is to work collaboratively with our sister schools to promote excellence and innovation in teaching all areas of the curriculum as well promote educational and cultural ties between students and staff.

These educational partnerships will promote:

  • Student exchanges between the schools for educational programs.
  • Student co-operation on joint learning projects.
  • Teacher visits and exchanges between the schools for professional programs.
  • The sharing of curriculum to improve the educational outcomes of students.
  • Collaborative research and the exchange of research in science and mathematics education.

This past May we were pleased to extend our congratulations to the students and staff of Shenzhen Second Senior High School on the occassion of the 10th anniversary of their school.  

We Are Young

In the Spring of 2016 Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School embarked on a school partnership with Shandong, China.  The partnership was featured in the TV series We Are Young.  The focus of the partnership was to promote cross-cultural understanding, personal growth, and learning to experience life in a whole new way. We Are Young took 5 students from a secondary school in Shandong, China and 5 students from Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London, Ontario as they literally swapped countries, schools and lives for 2 weeks. 

We Are Young brought two countries and two schools together.  It was a chance for both host schools to highlight the similarities and differences in education, daily life, social interaction and cultural values.

We Are Young allowed Canadians the opportunity to speak directly to millions of Chinese families curious and interested in daily life and educational opportunities in Canada.

Second Foreign Languages School of Nanshan 


Second Foreign Languages School of Nanshan, Shenzhen (SFLSN) is a public school with a nine-year system .The school occupies 31,367㎡ with a construction area of 30,668.85㎡. It is located in the commercial and cultural center of Nanshan District, Shenzhen-- neighboring Shenzhen Bay Port and the Spring Cocoons Stadium which hosted the opening and closing ceremony of the 26th Universiade.

Founded in September 2004, the school has developed into a model of full implementation of quality education and teaching reform. Now there are 49 teaching classes with more than 2000 students, and there are 145 faculty members, among with 128 teaching staff members. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, Grade Four and Grade Eight of the school obtained outstanding results in the academic quality sampling tests by the Ministry of Education, and the composite indicators were all at the first places in Nanshan district. The project team from MOE that analyses, gives feedbacks to and guides the P&S Schools’ learning quality spoke highly of the school and remarked it as a role modeling school, with light academic burden and high academic quality, among all schools.  The school's philosophy is: Every child is nurtured in an educationalist atmosphere.  The school's motto is:  Be kind and excellent.