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Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School
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Why Us

Why the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB)?

Our Vision for International Education is:

  • To be a welcoming destination for students from around the world as a place to learn and to share intercultural experiences
  • To promote the development of global competencies of students and educators
  • To cullivate acceptance and understanding through exposure to different cultures and languages

The administrative, teaching and support staff of LDCSB are dedicated to teaching learners in a student and faith centered educational community.  This philosophy nurtures values, skills and the ability to learn based on each student's potential and is directly linked to well defined and measurable outcomes.

Our schools provide a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning and gospel values into all aspects of the curriculum.

Why Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School (MTS) International?

Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, the board's site for its International Student Pathway Program, has embraced global learning creating an enriched culture of engagement and establishing partnerships with post-secondary institutions in the city of London.  A whole school approach has been adopted to promote global citizenship and foster a culture of acceptance, respect and care for others wherever they may live.

The school includes general classrooms as well as rooms for family studies, computer science, foods and nutrition, marketing, construction and technology labs, art studios, a media studio, seminar rooms, two gymnasiums, lecture hall, offices, support spaces and a chapel.  They have a fiber optic infrastructure, a multimedia communication lab, a resource centre, and much, much more.

Specialized Programs include: Advanced Placement, French Immersion, Specialist High Skills Majors in Health and Wellness (Health Care and Fitness), Robotics and Engineering and Not for Profit

International Education at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School

We will provide International students:

  • High quality programs and services in a faith-filled safe and welcoming environment which promotes academic excellence, well-being and intercultural learning
  • Academic, cultural and social supports for a successful integration to their school, their board and their community
  • An academic pathway from secondary to postsecondary and beyond

Internationalization of the curriculum and the learning environment is provided through:

  • The integration of international and iintercultural perspectives and experiences
  • Course offerings that have an enhanced international context to support students in building global competencies