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Renewing the Promise

RenewingPromiseLogo-web.pngThis November, a province-wide symposium on Catholic Education will be held, focusing on the theme “Renewing the Promise: Exploring the Critical Role of Catholic Education in Contemporary Society”.

We Want Your Input!

We want to hear from you about Catholic education in Ontario. “Renewing the Promise” is a dialogue. Your input about Catholic education in Ontario – the way it fulfills its mandate as well as the challenges and opportunities of the present moment - will help to guide us for the future. 

Thought exchange will provide additional background information and three open-ended questions that you answer anonymously. When the survey closes, responses will be sorted into themes. 

You will then be invited to look at emerging themes and prioritize them, locally and provincially. Your ideas will provide important input for a gathering of the Catholic community later in the year on the theme of Renewing the Promise. 

When the process is completed, results and analysis will be available on a designated public website. Catholic Education Week 2018 will be the occasion to celebrate all that we learned. 

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Following the Province’s decision to extend full funding in support of Catholic schools, and their commitment to publically fund four school systems (French and English, Public and Catholic) the Bishops of Ontario recognized the need to gather the Catholic education community in conversation to understand both the challenges and opportunities that were present at that time. 

The Bishops also established the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) and Office provincial de l’education de la foi catholique en Ontario (OPECO) with a mandate to animate and encourage cooperation between the Catholic educational partners. 

From time to time, at the request of the Bishops, and with the encouragement and support of the partners, ICE and OPECO have arranged provincial symposia bringing together representatives from every sector of the Catholic education community to explore contemporary issues in Catholic education. The last provincial symposium was held in 2011.

For an earlier generation of Catholic educators, documents developed by the Bishops of Ontario, This Moment of Promise and Fulfilling The Promise established a clear and compelling mission and vision for Catholic schools. 

About the Symposium

Today, our mission and vision for Catholic education have not changed, but our context has changed profoundly. 

At this time it is important that we come together in conversation, gathering as a community to name and understand the challenges presented by an increasingly complex and secular society today, and to identify and build consensus around the opportunities that will shape our future. 

This symposium, exploring the theme, “Renewing the Promise”, will help us better understand the ways in which Catholic schools serve and support the mission of the church, while bringing the gifts of justice, peace and joy to our students and our province alike.

The Symposium will be a gathering of representatives from every school board and stakeholder group from across the province and will provide opportunities for honest dialogue and discussion.

Following the symposium, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario plans to develop a pastoral letter reflecting on the challenges and opportunities that accompany this moment in time. The letter will speak directly to those who share responsibility in Catholic education, renewing the vision of Catholic education in the province of Ontario and offering encouragement, guidance and support for this work in the coming years.