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London District Catholic School Board
Admissions & Registration
Dual Credit

Day Away Program

Our dual credit day away program is offered in partnership between our catholic secondary schools and both Fanshawe and Conestoga College. This program is intended to assist secondary school students in completing their OSSD and in making a successful transition to college and/or apprenticeship programs. The primary target group for dual credits are students who face challenges in completing the requirements for graduation but have the potential to succeed.

Students who participate in the dual credit day away program will attend their regular secondary school four days per week and will attend the college one day per week within one semester. The student will be transported to the college for full or half day dual credits. Within the dual credit day away program students can earn one College credit and one High School credit for each course they take. Students are responsible for catching up on the work that they miss at the high school on their day away. Supplies and transportation costs will be covered by the college.

Course list and Descriptions for Semester 1 2018 Phase 22_ PACKAGE_Course Descriptions Sem 1_LDCSB_FINAL (2).PDF

​​​Application Process

  1. Wherever possible students will be referred to the dual credit day away program through the school based Student Success teams using the selection criteria in Appendix A of the Dual Credit policy document.
  2. The potential candidate will be required to fill out the dual credit application form electronically
  3. High School Guidance counsellors can forward the completed application to school board project leader
  4. Guidance counsellors will receive updates on applications directly 
  5. Submit these documents to your guidance counsellor (1) Semester 1 2017 Application LDCSB DUAL CREDIT Fall 2018 Application Fanshawe_PDF (1).PDF
  6. (2)  Student Expectations form Dual Credit Student Expectations Fanshawe Sem 1 2018.docx
  7. (3) Field Trip Permission form Informed Consent - Local and Regular Use.pdf

Suitability for dual credit is determined on the basis of one or more of the following: (from Appendix A, Dual Credit Programs: Policy and Program Requirements, 2013 (DCP, 2013)) 

  • Student application
  • Review of students OSR and/or credit counselling summary
  •  Recommendations of teachers
  • Discussion among members of the school Student Success team regarding the options that provide the best fit with the student’s interests, strengths, and needs
  • Student is from a primary focus group ​
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