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London District Catholic School Board
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Homework Help: Math

TVO Mathify offers free 1:1 online math tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers in a safe and secure online environment for students.


Mathify connects LDCSB students in grades 7-10 who are registered in Math courses with after-school math tutoring and interactive tools that can be used in the classroom to connect learning. The best part is that it’s free and accessible to all Ontario students enrolled in English language publicly funded schools.


All TVO tutors are Ontario certified math teachers and they are here to help support your learner through math concepts and problems, from the simple to the complex. Grade 7-10 Ontario students can register in a few simple steps. It’s easy to get started in a safe and secure online learning space that they can use in class, at home and anywhere in between.


Feature Calendar

Connect your child with Ontario Certified Teachers for free 1:1 online math help

Feature Supports Surriculum

Ontario certified math tutors from 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. ET, Sunday to Thursday

Feature Secure

Supports the Ontario math curriculum

Feature Chat

Safe & secure online learning space

Feature Whiteboard

Voice and text chat options

Feature Math Tutoring

Compatible on all devices 


Student registrations will occur in our schools.  It is easiest if students access the Mathify site via the link in Learning Toolkit located on the homepage of the LDCSB Virtual Learning Environment (Brightspace by D2L).  Teachers have been provided with instructions to assist with student registrations.

The site can be accessed directly at:

If there are any questions regarding Mathify, please contact our Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact, Linda Vandeven at 519-663-2088, Ext. 42208.