Labour Updates

OECTA Labour Updates: Approximately 1,300 LDCSB teaching staff are represented by OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association), at all LDCSB schools (elementary, secondary and the Centre for Lifelong Learning) and the Board office. LDCSB staff are not members of OSSTF or ETFO, and will not be participating in any labour actions announced by those organizations. We understand labour actions may have an enormous impact on families. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. Please continue to monitor the LDCSB website, social media channels and SchoolMessenger for any updates.


Labour Update: OECTA Strike on March 5, 2020

OECTA has given notice that they will engage in another one-day strike on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

In-school classes will be cancelled and all LDCSB schools will be closed to all students on Thursday, March 5, 2020. This cancellation affects all elementary schools, all secondary schools, alternative education programs and some adult and continuing education programs.

As there are not any negotiation sessions scheduled at the provincial level at this time, parents/guardians should make alternate arrangements for their children for Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Other programs and buildings will be affected as follows:
  • All sports and other extracurricular events are cancelled.
  • All before and after school programs are cancelled.
  • All Co-Op/SWAC placements and Dual-Credit classes are cancelled.
  • Daycare centres located at LDCSB schools are open.
  • Family Centres located at LDCSB schools are open.
  • All Community Use of Schools programs/events will run as scheduled.
  • All ESL and LBS classes will run as usual. Some adult and continuing education programs may be cancelled. The Centre for Lifelong Learning will be in contact with students and clients with additional information.

All non-OECTA staff are expected to report to their school or workplace as usual. In addition, the Board Office will remain open.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) has increased their administrative job actions in schools.


Some actions may have an impact on school operations, including:


  • Refusal to rearrange schedules to cover absent teachers
  • Refusal to accept students dispersed from a classroom where a teacher is absent.
  • Withdrawal of ‘on-calls’ to cover teacher absence
  • Refusal to accept delegation of authority to cover for absent Principals/Vice-Principals


This week’s parent-teacher meetings will continue as planned. In addition, meetings to support students with special needs will also continue.


While significant contingency planning is occurring, there are several unknowns about how the job actions may affect day to day operations in the LDCSB.


There also may be unintended consequences of the OECTA job actions. There is currently a province-wide shortage of available supply staff to cover teacher absences. With the current job actions, we may be unable to cover teacher absences related to board, school or student related activities during the school day.


This may result in the cancellation of various programs, events or trips.


 We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

OECTA has stated negotiations with the province will continue next week and their rotating strikes have been suspended, which would have affected the LDCSB on Friday, February 28, 2020.

At this time, for the week of February 24, we anticipate a full week of classes and programs in LDCSB schools and buildings.

While we are hopeful that negotiations are successful, OECTA has also stated that should negotiations cease being productive, further strike action will be announced. In addition, OECTA has indicated that although the full strikes this week have been suspended, the work to rule which has been limiting some operations and activities in the schools will continue.

Please continue to monitor the LDCSB website, social media channels and SchoolMessenger for further updates.