Research Inquiry Process

The task of doing a research project can be a daunting challenge for students. The sheer amount of information available is overwhelming and requires a plan to break up the process into smaller, manageable parts.

The purpose of this site is to provide a four stage plan of action and access to resources to help guide, organize and create a successful learning outcome.

​​Stage 1: Exploring

Tip for students:
Talk to your librarian about what is available from the library.

During this stage, I will:

Stage 2: Investigating

Tips for students:
Evaluate your sources.
Reference your sources as you go.
​During this stage, I will:
  • Select resources and gather information
  • Narrow or broaden my topic
  • Skim and scan my information
  • Take notes

Stage 3: Processing

Tips for students:
Does the information you've selected answer your questions?
Be honest. Cite your sources. Primary/Junior   MLA/APA/Chicago

During this stage, I will:

  • Read and understand the selected information
  • Check selected information answers all questions
  • Organize and revise notes
  • Tell the information in my own words

Stage 4: Creating

Tip for student:
Reflect on what you have learned.

During this stage, I will:

  • Review and edit my work
  • Assemble my project
  • Share what I have learned