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St. Anthony French Immersion Catholic School
Admissions & Registration
Staff and Teachers



​Mme Pais

​Vice Principal

​Mme Smith


​Mme Michienzi

​Attendance Secretary

​Mme Moore

​FDK 1

​Mme Pennetti & Mme Alvarenga

​FDK 2

Mme Stapylton & Mme Lund

​FDK 3

​Mme Sherwood & Mme Jones

​​Grade 1​ A

Mme Wright 

Grade 1 B

Mme O'Dowd

Grade 1 C

Mme Montminy​

Grade 1 D

​Mme Marti  

Grade 1 E

​Mme Rebelo 

​Grade 2 A

​Mme Smith

​Grade 2 B

Mme Silva

​​​​Grade 2 C

Mme Rodrigues

​​​Grade 2 D

Mne Mirkowski

​Grade 2/3

Mme Butler​

Grade 3 A

Mme MacDonald

​Grade 3 B

Mme Descamps

Grade 3 C

Mme Loureiro

​Grade 4 A

Mme Tiemessen

​Grade 4 B

M. Serrano​ 

Grade 5 A

Mme Bates

​Grade 5/6

​​Mme McMahon​

​Grade 6 A

Mme Thomson

​Grade 6/7

​M. Richie​

​Grade 7/8 A

Mme Caputo​​​

​Grade 7/8 B

Mme ​Brown

​Grade 7/8 C

Mme Proulx​


Mme DaCosta


​Mme Mailloux​


Mme Millar


​Mme Pompili


Mme Fernandes


​Mme Bianchi


​M. Rubacha


​Mme Ladouceur


​​Erin Unger

Educational Assistant

Mme Pinter

Educational Assistant

Mme Smith

Educational Assistant

M. Einwiller

Educational Assistant

M. Preston

Charge ​Custodian​ (Day)

M. Gosling

Custodian​ (Evening)

M. Mantura

​Elementary School Student Supervisor

Mme Lamb

Noon Hour Supervisor

Mme Mohammed

Noon Hour Supervisor

​Mme Wade

Noon Hour Supervisor

Mme Canon​

Noon Hour Supervisor

​Mme Goddard

Noon Hour Supervisor

​Mme Kedves

Noon Hour Supervisor

​Mme Rothwell

​​​​​Noon Hour Supervisor

Mme Noori