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Catholic Central High School
Admissions & Registration

​​Catholic Central High School
450 Dundas Street
London, ON N6B 3K3

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Fax: 519-675-4671
Office Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Student Enrollment: 1100

Principal: Paul Lamoureux
Vice Principals: Rick Sheardown and Melanie Morgan (Sandra Standish is temporarily filling in for Mrs. Morgan)
Head Secretary: Vicki Kendellen
School Council Chair: Delia Reiche
School Superintendent: Ed DeDecker
School Trustee: John Jevnikar

Parish Information: St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica
Feeder Schools: Blessed Sacrament, Holy Cross, Holy Rosary, St. Jude, St. Martin, St. Mary Choir, St. Michael, St. Sebastian

Specialty Programs:
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Music Extension
English as a Second Language
Specialist High Skills Majors
         - Leaders in Exercise & Athletics Program (LEAP)
                        - Health and Wellness
                        - Sports Management
         - Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)
         - Non Profit Leadership Program (NPLP)

Transportation Information:
Over 75% of our students are registered as school bus riders. Students living more than 3.2 kilometres from the school, and living within the school boundary, are eligible for Board-sponsored bussing.

School Safety:
Catholic Central High school has a uniform policy, and a strict Code of Conduct. The school also has Commissionaires, in addition to two Vice-Principals. Supports for CCH’s strong commitment to nurturing and maintaining a safe school community include a CrimeStopper’s program, Safe Schools Committee, a suspension program aimed at deterrence, part-time Nurse and Social Worker assignments, and three Guidance Counselors.
CCH Mission Statement: To facilitate the creation of a faith community founded upon the conviction that Jesus lives among us as a mystery of love that is reflected in all facets of our shared endeavours, be they intellectual, spiritual, physical or moral. To assist each student in the formation of values and standards which are Catholic in inspiration. To assist students in determining their strengths and weaknesses so as to provide them with programs which develop their potential to the maximum. To foster in students a reverence for learning and the desire to increase their knowledge. To encourage the fullest involvement in co-curricular and curricular activities in recognition that student social development and personal growth are enhanced through this participation.

Catholic Central School Prayer
Loving God
Through these halls, we walk with you.
Grant us the grace to find your light within us.
We stand before you –
The past, present and future of Catholic Central.
Teach us goodness – to embrace diversity.
Teach us discipline – that we may walk in your love.
Teach us knowledge – to live and to learn.
Blessed Mary, Patron of CCH,
guide us that we may follow your example –
To choose love over hate,
Good over evil,
Excellence over mediocrity.
Lord – watch over us and be with us
on our crusade to deepen our faith.