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Catholic Central High School
Admissions & Registration


Application Requirements

  • Complete the above online form
  • Write a short, one page reflection on the following quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
  • Email your reflections and most recent report card (with grades, not a progress report) to  Most report cards are double sided, please make sure that all sides are included.  These may be emailed as pdf's or pictures.    
  • Please email the IB Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the IB Application at

 Application Due Date for grade 8 students:

Grade 9 Applications for 2018 are due to the IB Office by January 26th, 2018.  The IB Admission Team will review applications during the week of January 29th.  Applicants will be notified by email the status of their application by February 2nd.  Please email the IB Coordinator ASAP if you do not receive a notification.

IB Info Night.jpg_largeFrequently Asked Questions

1. My family does not live in the CCH Boundary. Can we still apply to the IB Program?

The IB Program is a system program in the board thus any student in the district can apply for the IB Program. Students in the IB program get a boundary exemption to attend CCH and busing if you live more than 3 miles away from the school. 

2. Is transportation provided to CCH?

Transportation is provided to students who live outside the boundary. Students in boundary must live more than 3 miles away.  Bussing takes at least two weeks to set up. Late transfers to CCH will have to find their own transportation until bussing is setup.  Bussing information is mailed from the bus company by the end of August.

3. Can we withdraw from the program?

Students may withdraw from the program. Students are not encouraged to withdraw mid-semester or after the first semester unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

4. Are there any fees to be in IB?

There are no IB fees for students in grade 9 or 10.  The only IB fee that students must pay is the cost to register as an IB student in the grade 11 year and the cost to write each IB Exam. Please contact the IB Coordinator for more information regarding the cost of writing an IB exam.

5. Are the IB students mixed with regular OSSD students?

The Pre-Diploma students take math, science and English with IB students and are mixed with OSSD students for their other subjects. In grade 11, students are in IB only classes with a few exceptions (IB Arts courses).

6. Will my child get two diplomas?

If there are no failing conditions, students in the IB Diploma obtain the OSSD diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

7. What are the benefits of the taking the IB Program rather than taking OSSD credits?

There are several benefits for taking the IB Program. There has been a significant amount of literature published that states that students who complete the IB Diploma are better prepared for post-secondary education and have a significant lower university dropout rate. Students who obtain a 5 or higher in their higher level subjects are eligible for first year transfer credits. All universities have an IB policy. Students are encouraged to look at see what Canadian and international universities will provide for students who have the IB Diploma.  

8.  What is the difference between the 40 hours of community service and the IB's CAS Program?

The hours required for IB start in grade 11 and finish by March of the Grade 12 year.  The CAS hours incorporate creative activities, physical activities and community service.  IB hours can be granted for activities during the school day, where the OSSD hours can only be granted outside school hours.  All OSSD hours obtained in the grade 11 and 12 years can count as CAS service hours.  Please contact the IB Coordinator if you have any questions regarding CAS hours.