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Catholic Central High School
Admissions & Registration
IB Calendar


IB 1's 

Grade 11 Students 

IB's 2's 

Grade 12 Students 

IB Department 




Edit English Written Assignment 




IB Exam Fees Due 

CAS Interviews 

October 12

- First Draft of EE/RP to Supervisors and a formal meeting with your EE Supervisor and second reflections due on Managebac 


IB Department Meeting

Review Mission Statement and Philosophy 

Review all IB CCH Policies

Parent Night Preparation 




Biology IA's DUE 


CAS Interviews 

Students are registered for their courses and extended essay on IBIS. 

Students are registered for the Extended Essay and their IB Exams. 



English Written Paper and Oral Presentation 


CAS Interviews 


TOK Presentations , English Papers, History IA's and Business IA's are Due

 December 14 - Final EE/RP Reflection and final copy of EE to supervisor

IB Department Meeting 

English Oral Commentaries 

TOK Paper Due 


You must have your final EE/RP Supervisor Meeting (Exit Interview) completed before the end of January, Final Reflection due on Managebac 


CAS Interviews 

IB Information Night on the CCH Open House 

French Paper and Orals

Group 4 Project 

CAS Interviews 

Math IA Due 

Spanish Paper and Orals

IB Department Meeting 
March Second Language Oral Commentaries need to be uploaded  

CAS Interviews 

Oral Commentaries need to be uploaded 

Extended Essays Uploaded

English and Second Language Written tasks due

First Week of March 

TOK, English Written Tasks, French Written Tasks, Spanish Written Task and Extended Essays Mailed/uploaded 


Department Meeting 

IA's, PG's etc. 


You must have a formal meeting with your EE/RP Supervisor before the end of April. 


CAS Interviews 

April 1st 

All IA's due 

Visual Art, Drama and Music EA due

- Music Investigation

- Director's Notebook, Solo Performance, Research Project and Collaboration Project, etc

- Art work upload, curators' notes, etc

April 1st 

IA's and PG Due to IB Coordinator 


April 5 – IA's and PG's uploaded onto IBIS 


April 10th – Samples sent to IB 



Submit EE and RP supervisor and EE subject on Managebac.

First EE and RP Reflection Due by the end of the month 


CAS Interviews 

Math Exploration Proposal Due

History IA Due

Drama research topics proposal Due




Extended Essay (EE), Reflective Project (RP)