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Catholic Central High School
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CCH HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!! Here are the Extra-Curricular Activities available at CCH!

Contact NameClub/ActivityDetails
Ms. OzolsArt ClubListen to announcements for further details.
Mr. ClancyBaking ClubFor grade 9 & 10 students, listen to announcements for details.
Ms. AielloBest Buddies Starts in September and runs all year. See Ms. Aiello for details.
Ms. BarnesCatholic Central Dance CompanyCCDC is an inclusive (once per week) club where all students are welcome to express themselves through movement. Students will learn different dance genres, have leadership and performance opportunities but most importantly have fun!

Ms. Mendonca-King


CCH Knightrider

School Newspaper

2 issues published yearly by a student-led team of editors.

It covers various topics from school events and activities to current entertainment.

Mrs. Bell Chaplaincy TeamAssist the Chaplain with school Masses, Mary Mondays, Liturgies, Advent and Lenten Social Justice Projects

Ms. Mendonca &

Ms. Yuzefova

Chess ClubStudents practice at lunch time and compete in meets against other high school students. NO experience necessary, please see Ms. Yuzefova in room 315 for more details.
Ms. Moynihan, Ms. Quinlan Ms. Bomans & Ms. BellCrusaders In ActionStudents work to raise awareness about local and global social justice issues.
Ms. CowanDebate TeamDebates in public forums with students across London.
Ms. Simas & Ms. PonigerDrama ClubYearly productions and weekly meetings.
Mr. SantarellaFilm ClubTuesdays from 2:30-3:30 in 232. Come on out and learn about the film industry. Successful students will have their work entered and shown in film festivals.
Mr. RatkoFishing ClubListen for announcements. Participants (grade 9-12 boys and girls) compete in a fishing tournament for prizes. Space is limited, so don't miss out.
Ms. De Sousa- GomesFrench ClubMondays after school in room 309. Come learn about French culture through music, food and conversation.
Ms. Bomans, Ms. Basacco & Mr. VanlieshoutGeography ClubRuns all year and promotes recycling, pop tab collection, community involvement includes camping and hiking.
Ms. Palarchio, Ms. DawdyGirls Fitness & Weight TrainingTues and Thursday 2:15-3:15 in the weight room. Starts at the end of September until June.
Ms. O'NeilHealthy School CommitteeStarts in September and runs all year.
Ms. Palarchio, Ms. Tyndall, Ms. Sproule, Ms. Bell, Ms. PadovanJack Chapter/Mind Matters ClubSenior Mental Health (Grade 11 and 12) & Junior Mental Health Grade 9 and 10 meets over lunch periods and sometimes after school. Listen to announcements for more details.
Mr. BrownNaturalists ClubPlease listen to announcements for when the club starts or talk to Mr. Brown.

Ms. Poniger,

Ms. Simas,

Ms. Tyndall

Peer HelpersWelcomes new students, gives tours of CCH.  Community involvement e.g. running bake sales and visiting seniors.

Ms. Sheppard

Ms. McNeil

Poetry ClubMeets twice a month, all grades are welcome. Share your love of poetic writing.

Ms. Mascherin, Ms. Tyndall

 Ms. Simmonds

Prom CommitteeOrganizes and Coordinates the Prom.
Mr. MajskiRoboticsMondays after school for 1.5 hours

Ms. Palarchio &

Ms. Tyndall

Run for Ovarian Cancer TeamThe run for Ovarian cancer is a race held each year on Mother's Day for the Translational Ovarian Cancer Research Program in London. Money raised helps with early detection & discovering a cure for ovarian cancer.
Ms. SchofieldSafe Crusader- GSAAll are welcome to join this club that aims to make our school a safe place for all. See Ms. Schofield for more details.

Mr. Tancredi,

Ms. De Sousa- Gomes

School ReachStarts October meets on Tuesdays.  If you love trivia knowledge, this club is for you.
Mr. BrownSTEM ClubIf you love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Listen for announcements for more info.
Mr. SchroederTechnology ClubRuns October 2016 to June 2017 for students who have received the Machine Safety Training.
Ms. CrawfordWhite Pine Reading ClubStarts mid-Nov. Read Canada's recent young adult fiction, vote for your favourite.