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Holy Cross Catholic School
Admissions & Registration

​​Quick Facts

​School Hours: 8:55 AM to 3:30 PM
Grade Distribution: JK to Grade 8
Student Enrolment: 151
About Our School                                                                            

Holy Cross Elementary School opened its doors in September 1947. Two of its four rooms were used for the ninety-four (94) students enrolled. The new building included a teachers’ room and nurse’s room.  A large room in the basement of the school served as a chapel until 1950 when Holy Cross Church was built. In 1955 a six-room addition was built at the rear of the school and in September of that year, four of the new rooms were needed to accommodate a rapidly growing population. ​ 


  • 5 Grade 1-8 Classrooms
  • 1 JK-K Classroom
  • 1 Student Resource Room
  • 1 Library with Computer Lab
  • 1 Gymnasium
  • 1 French classroom
  • 1 Room for System Curriculum Resource Teachers
  • 1 Room for YMCA Program (before and after school)

Living Our Faith                                                          

Students at Holy Cross are fortunate to have a Catholic church adjacent to the school. Students and staff are encouraged to visit the church often and take great advantage of being able to celebrate all liturgies in the church. Holy Cross participates in various activities associated with the church including donations to the church’s food drives, St. Vincent de Paul clothing drives. Other links with our community include: Silverwoods Arena, YMCA Program , Recycling, London Police Department, Crouch Library, the London and Middlesex Health Unit, the Child and Adolescent Society, Merrymount Family Services, LUSO, the SouthWest Optimist Club, Catholic Central High School, United Way, Children’s Safety Village, Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation,  Knights of Columbus, Kids Count Program and volunteers. 

Transportation Information                                                                                               

Forty percent (50% or 80) of our students are bussed to and from school daily. Information on bus delays or cancellations are announced on the radio stations and found at the board’s website

School Safety                                                                                                                    

Holy Cross School participates in a Safe Arrival Program. Students in Grade 6 participate in the Values, Influences and Peers (VIP) Program and the London City Police provide safety programs throughout various other grades during the school year. There is a YMCA Program before and after school for children whose parents both work. A school wide Positive Approach to Discipline was developed by staff to reduce aggressive play and bullying on the school yard. The school yard is zone by age to encourage peer relationship building and reduce aggressive play with younger children.