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St. Francis Catholic School, London
Admissions & Registration
Staff and Teachers


​​Mrs. Castelhano​Kindergarden Teacher
​​Ms. Delorme​​Early Childhood Educator
​​Ms. Odorico​Kindergarden Teacher
​​Ms. DierolfKindergarden Teacher
​​Mrs. Das Neves​Early Childhood Educator
​​Ms. Paolo​Kindergarden Teacher
​Ms. Gardiner​Early Childhood Educator
​​Mrs. Degiorgio​Kindergarden Teacher
​​Mrs. Dyson​Grade 1 Teacher
​Ms. Hanmer​Grade 1 Teacher
​Ms. Wong Won​Grade 1/2 Teacher
​Mr. Kraemer​Grade 1/2 Teacher
​​Miss. Topinio​​Grade 2 Teacher
​Miss. Bilotta​Grade 2/3 Teacher
​​Ms. Bachand​Grade 3 Teacher
Miss. CamozziGrade 3/4 Teacher​
​Ms. Michalski​Grade 4 Teacher​
​​Mr. Kinahan​Grade 4 Teacher​
​​Mr. Bak​Grade 5 Teacher​
​Mrs. Erneweinr​Grade 5/6 Teacher​
​Mrs. Buckle​Grade 5/6 Teacher​
​Mr. Rizzo​​Grade 6/7 Teacher
​​​Mr. Aris​​Grade 7/8 Teacher
​Ms. Bond​Grade 7/8 Teacher
​​Ms. Rossi​Grade 7/8 Teacher
​Mme. Matijevic​French Teacher
​Mme. O'Neill​French Teacher
​Mme. Carriere​French / Prep and Planning Teacher
​​Mrs. Gregory​Special Education Teacher
​Ms. Wood​Special Education Teacher
​Mr. StockMusic Teacher
​Ms. Ficca​Librarian
​​Ms. Galusha​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Devine​Educational Assistant
​​Ms. Zoccano​Educational Assistant
​Mr. Moore​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Major​Educational Assistant
​​Ms. Neumann-Taylor​Educational Assistant
​​Ms. Watson​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Carranza​Educational Assistant
​​Ms. Hamilton​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Coull​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Hatadinaj​Educational Assistant
​ Mr. McCallum​Charge Custodian
​​​Ms. Fiddick​​Evening Custodian
​Mr. Da Ponte​​Evening Custodian
​​Mrs. Barker​​Administrative Assistant
​Ms. Allison​Vice-Principal
​Mrs. Greve​​Principal
​​Ms. Barrett​Social Worker
​Ms. Opalach​ESSS
​​Ms. Ciaramella​​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Ms. Granillo​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Ms. Hizkial​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Ms. Almeida​Noon Hour Supervisor
​Ms. Braga​Noon Hour Supervisor