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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration
Staff and Teachers


Phone and Voicemail Extensions





Karl Aguilar469Physical Education
Nicole Alves468English, Drama , OECTA Rep
Stacie Brittain


Assistant Department Head - Math/Science

Jim Brock459Department Head Math/Science
Bernice Cadman309EA
​Michelle Callipari​303​School Data & Information Administrator
Rob D'Oria462Assistant Department Head - Religion/Humanities/Phys. Ed
​Jennifer Elliot​456​Canadian and World Studies
Katherine Esch477Science
Cristina Ferreira482Canadian & World Studies/SCPP
​Kelly Fleming​309​EA
​Christopher Francis​Computer Teacher
Lucy Gravelle312Social Worker
Elaine Griffin465Student Success
Nancy Griffis483Business/Credit Recovery/Co-op
Cam Hagle 454Department Head - Religion/Humanities/Phys. Ed
Jon Hasson471Student Council/ English
Kelly Hayes479Science/ Phys Ed
Lorne Hillier307Vice Principal
​Natalie Hleba​313​Chaplain
Michael Jordan461Technology
Cindy Jorge-Paul490Moderns/ English
Annette Kavelaar-Burrows460Assistant Department Head - Fine Arts/Tech/Coop/Business/Moderns
​John Marinelli​304​Principal
Colette McNally311Department Head Guidance/Learning Services
Melissa Metler484Religion/ English
Louise Mrnik463Science
Stan Mrnik476SPST
Jim Pedrech480Department Head - English/Social Science
Tif Pinheiro300Student Support Administrator
Patricia Rabaey309EA
Doug Robbins455Department Head - Arts/Tech/Coop/Business/Moderns
Danny Santarella458Tech/Music
Dan Santavicca473Science
Chris Schramek453

Laurel Soanes305Office Supervisor
Lisa Tedesco470Math
Laurie Vereecken309EA
Catherine Veteri493Math
​Helen Weir​309​EA
Brian Westelaken464Technology
​Kathy Wishart​401/404​Librarian
Katie Zammit495Religion
Anita Zebregts318Guidance/SPST