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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
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​​​​Special Education

​At HCC, we have two SPSTs (Student Program Support Teachers) who work with our students who have been formally identified through an IPRC (Identification Placement Review Committee) and who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). 

Our SPSTs work out of Room 119. Period 1: Miss Metler; Period 2 and 3/5: Mr. Mrnik; Period 6: Mr. D'Oria

Special Education programming in the London District Catholic School Board is aimed at ensuring success for all students to reach their God-given potential.

We offer a wide range of special education supports and services that are available to students and their families through their local school. The range and type of support is determined by the strengths and needs of the student.

The London District Catholic School Board is here to help. Our Program Department vision is Success for ALL students:

​BEING - whole and Holy

BELONGING - in Community

BECOMING - Catholic graduates

The London District Catholic School Board is committed to the inclusion of students with special needs within their home schools and in their age-appropriate classes.

Click here to learn more about the guiding principles for inclusion.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a written plan that describes the Special Education program and/or services a particular student requires. It identifies learning expectations and any accommodations and services needed to assist the students.

The IEP also helps teachers monitor the student's progress and provides a method to share information with parents and the student. It is updated to reflect any changes in the program based on the student's achievement.

The IEP reflects the Board's and Principal's commitment to provide the Special Education program and services within the available resources to meet the identified strengths and needs of the student. See more at:​​

Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities

Students leaving HCC for post-secondary should check out Transition Resource Guide​.  There are links to Ontario Colleges and Universities, information about your rights and responsibilities and hints on how to get started​