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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration


Students who participate in our athletic/arts or other co-curricular activities programs are ineligible to practice or play on a day they are absent for one or more periods. Students who are tired or sick and feel they need to miss school or leave early in order to rest before a practice, performance or game will not be allowed to participate in that activity.  Participants are further expected to participate in all class activities throughout their seasons. Participation in an important contest or activity after school is not to be used as a reason to be excused from the activities of a class. This same philosophy applies not only to our athletic program but to all co-curricular activities. It is also important that all students realize that the time for detention and any other disciplinary action shall be decided by the Vice-Principal or the Principal. Practices or rehearsals are not an excuse to miss a detention.  Students who do not attend classes or who are failing will be subject to a review by a committee composed of their teacher, coach, athletic director (or other department head, such as Arts) and respective Vice-Principal. The Vice-Principal will decide when there is a need for an interview. When a direct conflict to a participant's commitment to the school's activities programmes occurs, (as a result of poor attendance and/or academics, for example) his/her status for future participation may be reviewed.  In consultation with the Athletic Director/Arts Department Head and/or Principal, a teacher coach may dismiss a player for lack of commitment.  This player is liable to be suspended from participation for the remaining part of the year and/or part of the following year.



Regular Attendance is essential for academic success.  Students are expected to attend school regularly and punctually, and to attend all classes when they are at school. Absence for such reasons as extended vacations and/or appointments, which could be made outside of school hours, is not sanctioned.  Parents and students must accept the entire responsibility for the classes, tests or examinations missed under such circumstances.  If you are absent from class without permission, you will be reported to the Attendance Office.  Your parents will be notified of your truancy (skipping) and you will be expected to make up lost academic time   Persistent truancy will result in a suspension.  Students not having a period 1 class must sign in at the Attendance Office each day before second period begins.  Failure to do so will result in a recorded absence.

Students do not have the right to withdraw themselves from classes.  Any student wishing to drop a course must continue attending the course until officially dropped with the permission of the school administration, in conjunction with the Guidance office. If the student chooses to stop attending on his or her own volition, then he or she will be treated as truant, will be consequenced as such, and may NOT be allowed to officially drop the course.  


Leaving School Early

A note from a parent or guardian is required when a student requires leaving school early.  Students who leave during the day must sign out at the Attendance Office.  Release slips will be issued prior to beginning of school on the specific day.  If the reason is for a medical or dental appointment, the doctor's appointment card or telephone number may be requested. A student who falls ill during the day must report to the Attendance Office.  If the nature of the illness warrants early dismissal, then the student would be excused to go home only after a family member is notified.  School personnel are not allowed to dispense medication.

If you become ill while at school, you must sign out with the Attendance Secretary or a Vice Principal.  Failure to follow any of the above protocols will constitute a skipped class(es), and result in appropriate consequences.


Punctuality and Lates

Students are expected to be in their first period classroom at least 5 minutes before the class begins.  When students arrive late, both the teacher and students are disrupted and inconvenienced.  Students are encouraged not stop at their lockers between classes.

  •  At 8:05 a.m. classrooms are open to receive students.
  •  By 8:15 a.m., students are to be in their classroom (in full uniform, BEFORE the National Anthem and prayer).
  •  Any student who is late for period 1, (after 8:45a.m.) must sign in and obtain an Admit Slip from the Main Office.  If you arrive late but prior to 8:45 a.m., report directly to your first period class.

Lateness between classes does not require an Admit Slip from the Main Office. Initial or infrequent lateness will be handled by the classroom teacher. After the 3rd late, the teacher will call home and parents will be advised of chronic tardiness, and asked to assist the school in helping achieve a habit of punctuality.  Should improvement not be evident more serious consequences will be imposed.  If students are significantly or habitually late, they may be directed to sign in with a Vice Principal.

Full Day Absence

  • If you must be away from school, one of your parents must telephone the Attendance Office by 8:30 a.m.
  • Students returning to school must bring a note from their parents/doctors and obtain an Admit Slip from the Attendance Secretary.  Parents will be notified by telephone if a note is not presented.  The school reserves the right to require a medical note for any student who is absent for 3 or more days in succession. 
  • For extended illness, parents may arrange for homework by contacting the Attendance Office. One day's notice is needed for such requests. Upon return, a medical certificate will be required to confirm the student's illness.  A teacher has the authority to mark a student absent from class if:
    1. A student, in the teacher's opinion, has missed a significant part of a taught lesson, notwithstanding how many minutes of a lesson have been missed
    2. A student is asked to leave class for behavioural reasons
    3. A student leaves class prior to a lesson

This note should include:

a) The student's name & student number.     b) The date on which the note was written.

c) The reason for the absence.                           d) The date(s) of absence.

e) The signature of the parent/ legal guardian.

f) The name and signature of the attending doctor. (If required by the school)


Because forgery is an illegal act, it will not be tolerated (in any form) in the school.  Any student caught forging a note(s) (with the intent of being absent for one or more periods, for example) will face severe consequences.


Extended Illness

For extended illness, parents may arrange for homework by contacting the Attendance Office. A minimum of 48 hours is required for such requests.  Upon return, a medical certificate will be required to confirm the student's illness.

Extended Vacations

Procedure for Students Requesting Extended Vacations

If family intends to take a vacation that falls five (5) or more days outside the annual school calendar, they must do the following:

  1. Completion of the Extended Absence Form and submission of the form at least 1 week before the vacation begins. The form is available through the main office.
  2. Student/Parent meeting with Guidance Counsellor to review academic implications (if necessary).
  3. Student/Parent meeting with appropriate Vice Principal to review the overall implications of academic performance (if necessary).