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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
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Computer Usage Policy

Computers are an important part of many courses offered at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School.  As a result strict policies have been established to protect them and prolong their useful life.  These policies were created to enhance the learning environment, protect the hardware from vandalism and abuse and protect the network from viruses. 

The sending, creating, storing or displaying of mail, messages, and inappropriate documents or graphics, by way of the Internet or any other manner, is not allowed on any school computer. Violators of this policy will lose their computer use privilege, and will suffer consequences in conjunction with the severity of their behaviour.  (A letter informing parents will be sent home.)  These consequences range from denial of access to criminal action for illegal activity.

  • Use the Internet in a manner, which reflects our Catholic Mission Statement.
  • School computers are available for educational use only.
  • No network files are to be copied from the network without the written permission of the School Computer Coordinator or an Administrator.
  • Students are NOT allowed to lend their User-ID to any other student.  If students share their personal User-ID, they have accepted the responsibility for someone else's behaviour.
  • Students are not allowed to store or install any copyrighted material (software, data or documents) onto the network.
  • Students are not allowed to use e-mail unless directed otherwise by a teacher.
  • Students are not to have food or drinks of any kind in proximity to a computer.
  • Students should regularly clean out files as storage space is limited.
  • Computers are individual workstations and should be used by only one person at a time.
  • Students are only allowed to use a computer with the consent of the teacher(s) responsible for the equipment in that area.
  • It is the student's responsibility to maintain the security of his/her password and User-ID.  Password should be changed every 14 days with another password of 5 letters or greater in length.  Students are responsible for any inappropriate use of their User-ID.
  • Students are responsible for the workstation they are using.  Any damage or vandalism will result in removal from the computer and the student will be responsible for the repair costs.

    Anyone who fails to follow the above guidelines will face consequences, ranging from denial of access for a limited time, to permanent denial of access for a limited time, to permanent denial of access, or to criminal action for illegal activity. The school administration will deal with serious violations.