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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration
Exams and Final Evaluations

Final examinations are held in January at the end of Semester I and in June at the end of Semester II followed by a final report.  Parents will receive an early progress report after approximately six weeks in each semester followed by a midterm report in the middle of each semester (usually by the end of the second week of November and April).  This report will be based on the on-going assessment outlined in the course outlines. 

Medical certificates are required from students who miss exams due to illness. Please remember that all exams must be written on their scheduled date.  Only an absence due to illness, accompanied by a medical certificate or to the death of an immediate family member are acceptable reasons for any alteration to this policy.  Requests to reschedule final examinations due to travel plans or jobs are not acceptable.  Because student identification is one of the most important rationales for a school uniform policy, and because students tend to be more mobile during examination periods, students will not be allowed to write exams if they appear out of uniform.

Weather changes or other crises can cause a change in exam date. Therefore, it is imperative that the student remain available throughout the entire examination period. Families should frequent the Board and/or School websites for any changes in school bus status, or the closing of schools due to inclement weather.  Students missing an exam risk receiving a grade of "0" for the exam.  Students arriving late for an exam may not be given extra time to write.


School Considerations

It is expected that students view the final evaluation (30%) as a significant demonstration of learning and their approach should reflect likewise.

In order to help students prepare more effectively for exams, for the four (4) school days leading up to exams, the school is recommends students not to be doing any work outside of class other than exam preparation (Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Procedures, 2012, Section 4.2.3). Therefore, schools/teachers will respect the following during this time:

  • No work is expected of the student outside of class time. Students are expected to be preparing for final exams.
  • No due dates for assignments, projects, or other work where students are expected to complete work outside of class time.
  • No unit tests will be conducted during this time.
  • In-class assignments are acceptable during this time provided there is no expectation of the student to prepare outside of class time.
  • Classes will be conducted as per usual and there are to be NO interruptions to classes or activities whereby students are expected to miss classes.
  • Exam review sheets for each class.