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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration


Each student will be assigned a locker to be used for the year.  It is the student's responsibility to maintain the locker in a clean and organized manner. Ownership of the locker stays with the school, which reserves the right to record locker combinations, search a locker with reasonable grounds.  The school also reserves the right to perform random locker searches, as it sees fit. We have no liability for the locker's contents.

  • All lockers must be equipped with "Dudley" locks, which have a serial number and must be registered with the school.  Unregistered locks will be cut off.
  • Students should protect their property by putting their name on all their books and equipment and by keeping their locker locked. Never share combinations - not even your best friend!
  • Students must retain the locker assigned to you unless you have the Vice Principal's permission.
  • Students are responsible for reporting any damage incurred to their locker to the Vice Principal immediately upon noticing it.
  • Since the school's insurance policy does not cover theft from lockers or stolen locks the school cannot accept any responsibility for articles from a student's locker.
  • No materials (i.e. pictures, letters, etc.) are to be permanently posted in lockers. Inappropriate pictures will be confiscated and destroyed.

No student shall tamper with a lock other than the lock assigned to him/her.