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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration

RESPECT FOR SELF – Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School is a smoke-free environment.  Students under the age of 16 will receive a summons to appear in court on charges under the Tobacco Control Act.  Students may smoke in the designated area only.

In addition, students are not permitted to loiter on public property surrounding the school grounds, including the sidewalks.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in a fine and possible suspension.

Being associated with alcohol or illicit drugs in any way (i.e. bringing, consuming, possessing, or arriving under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, notwithstanding amount consumed) while on school property, while riding a school bus, or while participating in a school event is forbidden and unlawful under the Criminal Code, School Board Code of Conduct, Ministry of Education and Training "Provincial Code of Conduct.  Parents and Police will be notified if student(s) are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


You are expected to comply with the rules of the school and with the expectations of your teachers and ALL other school personnel, in classrooms, hallways, on the school grounds, on the school buses, and while on school sponsored activities.  Those who participate in our co-curricular program are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the behaviour expected in school. If a teacher finds that your behaviour is inappropriate or disrespectful in classrooms or elsewhere, you may be asked to report to the teacher after class.  You may also be asked to meet with the Vice Principal if the situation warrants further attention.  Any student refusing to report to the Vice Principal's office when so directed by ANY staff member faces severe consequences. Continued inappropriate behaviour will result in progressive disciplinary action.


Holy Cross students are expected to be courteous and respectful in their contact with other students. Language used at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School must reflect the respect we hold for each other's dignity.  Vulgar or inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Students are challenged to work at performing random acts of kindness.


You are expected to treat the school grounds, the school buildings and everything in the school with respect, as you would at home.  You are expected to help keep the buildings, cafeteria and grounds clean by depositing all scrap paper, wrappers, etc. into waste baskets in lunch areas and classrooms. Lunches and snacks must be eaten in the cafeteria or outdoor areas ONLY.  If you leave litter on school property you will be assigned a clean-up duty.  Food and/or drink should not be brought to or consumed in class.       

Those who destroy or deface school property will face severe school consequences, and be required to pay the full cost of repair or replacement.  If you lose or purposefully damage school equipment (i.e. library books and textbooks, musical instruments, computers, etc.) you will be charged the cost of replacement or repair, and will also face suspension from school.

Students are responsible to cover the full purchase costs of lost and/or stolen textbooks.