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Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration
Student Uniform Expectations

By choosing to attend Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, students and parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to Catholic Education. Our uniform is a part of this commitment, which unites us as a school community. As a student at Holy Cross, you are an ambassador of all that Holy Cross symbolizes. Because of this, the uniform must be worn proudly, modestly, and in good repair. 


Hats or any other head covering, sunglasses, chains, and extreme jewelry shall NOT be worn in the school. Extreme piercings and extreme hair colour and/or styles will NOT be permitted.  All tattoos are to be covered. 


All uniform pieces must be monogrammed and from McCarthy's. Uniforms are to be neat and clean with no altering of style, length or colour.  Multiple layers of the same uniform piece will not be tolerated (i.e. multiple golf shirts, or outerwear.)


School Uniform Options

One of the following collared tops is mandatory:

McCarthy's plain white, collared, long/short sleeved, cotton dress shirt, French cut blouse/shirt, golf shirt, dry fit golf shirt, or rugby shirt.  (Only the two top buttons may be left undone, except for French cut blouse where all buttons must be done.)

A black long sleeved McCarthy's sweatshirt or HCC sweater vest may be worn over the above uniform shirts or a black, gold or white crew-neck T-shirt.  If a short or long sleeved crew-neck t-shirt is worn, it must be plain white, "gold" (yellow) or black (no grey, this colour is reserved for the physical education uniform).  If a school tie is worn, it must be with the uniform cotton dress shirt or French cut blouse.


One of the following bottoms is mandatory:

路 McCarthy's cotton khaki pants, shorts or Capri-style pant. Black pants for males embroidered with HCC logo.

路 McCarthy's kilts for females only (must be no higher than 8 cm above the knee). 

路 Student/school groups can wear an RJ McCarthy shirt with the group's name embroidered on the sleeve as part of the uniform dress code.

路 Pants and shorts must be zippered and buttoned.


路 Students are NOT permitted to wear leggings, tights, yoga pants or pants under their shorts.  Shorts must be worn with original hem 8 cm from the top of knee.


路 HCC Hoodies 鈥 Only HCC hoodies purchased through the school supplier may be worn in class. No non-uniform outerwear or team/club jackets to be worn in class.