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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School
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Dress Code

September 08, 2016


All students of OLI are to dress tastefully and responsibly.  Style of dress and grooming should be consistent with the philosophy of a Catholic school.  Clothing should be modest, and not promote drugs, sex, alcohol, profanity or discrimination.  Clothing representing a counter-Christian morality is not permitted.  Clothing that is acceptable for a six year-old student may not be appropriate for a 10 to 13 year old student.  Age appropriate dress is required; i.e. for students in higher grades, shorts/skirts should be appropriate length (to the fingertip when arms are lowered).  The following clothing is not suitable for school:  spaghetti straps, halter tops, bare midriff tops, muscle shirts, short-shorts, inappropriately tight fitting clothing and mini-skirts. No facial piercing - only ears.  Undergarments should not be visible.   Hats/hoods are not permitted indoors. Students must have indoor shoes available at all times.  Appropriate clothing must be worn for physical education classes (ie. running shoes).

If students fail to comply with this dress code requirement, then staff may contact parents regarding the need for an immediate change of clothing or provide temporary cover-up.