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St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School
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Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Dates-2016-2017.pdf

​​​Our Catholic School Council offers hot lunch twice weekly to our students as well as a daily milk program. This is Council's main annual fundraiser and this program supports the students at St. Kateri in many ways.

Our Hot Lunch Program

Our hot lunch program is simply an option for families should they choose to take advantage of it. At the beginning of each school year we will send out all of the details related to ordering hot lunch items.​

Each Monday we serve Dominos Pizza. On Fridays (Thursday if the Friday that week is a PD Day) we offer a different menu item each week. Marshall's Pasta provides us with pasta, subs, chicken fingers and mac and cheese. Dominos also delivers pizza on some Fridays.

All of the food items offered to our students meets the requirements of the Ministry's School Food and Beverage Policy.

Domino's School Pizza Ingredients.pdf
Marshalls Ingredient List.pdf

Our Milk Program

We offer white and chocolate milk to students at lunchtime on a daily basis. Each milk carton costs $1.00 and can be purchased from Grade 8 students in our kitchen. Alternatively, families can order milk for the year as part of their hot lunch order. Ordering this way means each carton is a little cheaper!