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PyeongChang 2018 emblem.jpg

Students were asked to write an article about events at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.  This is the result of their hard work.

Short Track Speed Skating.pdfLong Track Speed Skating Event.pdfDownhill Skiing.pdfSuper G.pdf
Cross Country.pdf2 Man Bob Sled.pdf
Interview With a Golden Skater Tessa Virtue.pdfIce Dancing With The Golden Couple.pdf
Skiing Half Pipe An Exciting Sport!!!.pdfOlympics Skeleton.pdfSnowboarding Half Pipe!!!.pdf
Canada is Really Good at Curling!.pdfOlympics story.pdfCanada Did So Well in Women's Figure Skating.pdfLuge is a Really Cool Sport.pdf
Are Amazing Canadian Luge Team.pdfThe Amazing Pairs Skating.pdfAmazing Alpine Skiing.pdfSuper-g the speed of alpine skiing.pdf
Ski Jumping Spectacular.pdfAmazing Canadian Speed skaters.pdf​​All About Canadian men's ice skating.pdf
SNOWBOARDING BIG AIRS FIRST TIME IN THE OLYMPICS.pdfShort Track Speed Skating Skating to Gold!!!.pdfSlalom of the Olympian Champions!!!.pdfThe Biathlon Sprint 2018 Winter Olympics.pdf
19th Century Beginnings.pdfTessa Virtue London Ontario Champion.pdfFun Facts Introduction.pdfCanada is killing mogul skiing.pdf
Snowboarding Giant Parallel Slalom.pdfWomen Ice Hockey.pdf
Things To Do At The Olympics.pdfHistory of Gold.pdf2018 Winter Olympics Ski Jumping.pdfBig Bang Biathlon.pdf
Canada's Spectacular Year.pdfCurling Mixed Doubles.pdfGuess What Snowboarding Fans!.pdfThe Flame That Never Goes Out.pdf
Opening Ceremony.pdfDouble Curlers Take Gold.pdfCanada Takes the Gold.pdfDouble Luge Double the Fun.pdf
Team Figure Skating.pdf​ 
HUBO Tthe  Robot Torch Carrier.pdfSki Jumping Goes Insane!!!.pdfBiathlon Relay Winter Olympics PyeongChang.pdfCanadian Olympic Team 2018.pdf
Closing Ceremonies.pdfGolden Couple.pdfHistory Of The Winter Games.pdfLEGACY OF PYEONGCHANG.pdf
Goals of PyeongChang 2018.pdfNordic Combined.pdfIn South Korea First Day Of the Winter Olympics 2018.pdfCross Country Skiing Relay.pdf