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Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration


Mother Teresa Concert Band General Information:

Conductor: Dr. Malito

MTSCB Membership:

Members of the Mother Teresa Concert Band (MTSCB) may participate by invitation or audition. New performers may be requested to join at any time. In the case of an audition, potential members are to audition using the current band music. Auditions are scheduled at the convenience of the conductor. Once accepted, members are required to attend rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances throughout the school year. Student membership may be discontinued for chronic absences.

MTSCB Rehearsals:

Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 am in room 137 (music room). Members are asked to be set up and ready to rehearse at 6:55 am at the latest. The purpose of these rehearsals is to prepare for MTS music nights, masses, liturgies, competitive festivals, and music trips. Since the rehearsals are short, members are required to be prepared. When an individual is unable to play his/her part or missing during a rehearsal, it affects the entire ensemble. Also, it is imperative to the coaching process that students support a quiet, attentive atmosphere. The Mother Teresa Concert Band Repertoire for Performances 2016/2017outlines each piece of music with the performance event.

Rehearsal Guidelines:

  • Be seated with instrument, music, pencil, and supplies at 7:00 am.

  • Show good rehearsal etiquette by being a good team player—study your part quietly while the director 
works with another section. 

  • Remain on task at all times; do not talk or interrupt the focus of a rehearsal. 

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES! 

  • Maintain proper posture at all times, which is important for all players. 

  • Raise your hand and ask questions if you need more individual help. 

  • Disorderly behavior and abusive language will not be tolerated. 

  • Please be considerate of directors' requests for assistance and/or performance of little tasks around the music room. 

  • Do not leave the rehearsal without permission from the director 


When all members attend rehearsals, it is much easier to practice the music. Also, it is expected that members attend in all concerts. Perfect attendance in both rehearsals and concerts will be rewarded (TBD). Any additional dress rehearsals will be announced closer to the concert dates. In any case, it is the responsibility of the students to notify the conductor when not attending rehearsal.

Remember: Attendance is everyone's responsibility.

MTSCB Concert Band Performance Attire:

Performance attire for the MTSCB is identical for both boys and girls: white wing collar pleated tuxedo shirt, green satin bowtie and cummerbund. In addition, members are to wear black pants, black dress shoes, and black socks. Accessories such as shirt studs and cuff links are optional. If new members need to purchase a white tuxedo shirt, representatives from Bud Gowan Formal Wear will visit MTS, which will be announced during rehearsal and posted on the music room door. Tuxedo shirts are $33.89 each, and cheques are to be written to Bud Gowan Formal Wear. The music program will supply bow ties and cummerbunds.

Private Lessons:

All members are encouraged to take private lessons in order to improve their individual playing skills. While directors are skilled musicians on the various instruments in the band, there is simply no substitution for private instruction received from someone who is considered to be a professional performer on their particular instrument. We are extremely fortunate in London to have numerous professional private teachers available at the university to help students reach that "next level" of performance. See Dr. Malito for recommendations.


Public Appearances:

All rules and regulations of participation in the MTSCB apply to all public performance events, on or off of school campus. Your conduct reflects on your concert band, your school, and your community. Outside of the school, be polite and courteous! Smile! Appearance must be neat at all times when in uniform or while under observation as 
representatives of the MTS music program and school.


The MTSCB concert schedule offers many opportunities for members to perform for the school and community. Below, the required performances are listed:

1) MTS Awards Night (October)

2) Remembrance Day (November)

3) Christmas Festival (December)

4) Grade 8 Parent Night (January)

5) London Regional MusicFest (March)

6) Secondary Spring Music Festival (SSF) at MTS (April)

7) International Music Trip (April/May)

8) MTS Cabaret (April/May)

9) Canada's Wonderland (May/June)