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Regina Mundi Catholic College
Admissions & Registration
Principal's Message

​Dear Students and Parents:

On behalf of the RMC staff, I am pleased to welcome you to a new school year. Mr. Sefeldas and I are eager to begin the year as your administrative team and we’re looking forward to the conversations and experiences we will have in our work together over the next several months.

You have made an important commitment to Catholic education by choosing Regina Mundi Catholic College and as an extended family we will build and sustain the strong faith foundation upon which all of our students can thrive. The school community, in partnership with home, shares a family’s hope for their children to be educated well, to be cared for, and to be respected. Together we can provide the nurturing environment that will help us reach these goals. 

In addition to continually striving for academic excellence, the priorities of our school community are to foster a sense of belonging, uphold the dignity of every person, and live out Gospel values through grace and generosity. 

One of our greatest strengths is the unity we create through mutual respect. Consciously treating each other with respect and kindness allows all of us the opportunity to develop and learn in an atmosphere that is healthy and happy. It means we will have each other’s support through challenging times. 

A positive environment also makes our individual and group experiences more meaningful. When we look out for each other, we celebrate accomplishments together and create possibilities for every person to achieve this or her goals. 

My prayer for this school year is that we are blessed in our relationships on a journey filled with discovery and growth. Recognizing that the common roots of the human experience are what make us family, may we open our hearts to each other with a willingness to appreciate our differences and a commitment to offering our best. 


Michele Kennedy