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St. Robert Catholic School
Admissions & Registration


The Bully Charger group at St. Roberts is a peer driven, in-school program that encourages peaceful resolution of bullying issues within the school community.  The Bully Charger students work with all students in all grades, educating them on ways to handle bullying and working with staff to enhance their own leadership and problem solving skills.



St. Robert School strongly encourages students to take leadership roles in their school life.  To this end, every year in the month of September, the quest is on to find the new members for our Student Parliament.  The positions available are Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Faith Minister, Communications Minister and Junior Communications Minister (Gr. 6 student), Spirit Minister, Athletics Minister (Male and Female) and Finance Minister.  Interested students apply for the position(s) of their choice and then interview for the position(s).  A decision is made by the teacher advisors who then announce the incumbents.  The new Student Parliament is then responsible for organizing and presenting the first school assembly in October with assistance from the teacher advisors.  It's a great way to be involved in the school in a way that impacts every student.  Interested students, APPLY!