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Saint André Bessette Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration

Guidance Appointments:
​How do I make a guidance appointment?
Purple guidance appointment slips are available in the guidance office. Fill in your name, homeroom and reason for your request. Your counsellor will fill in the date and time and get the slip to your homeroom on the day of your appointment. Expect to see your counsellor in 1-4 school days.
Course Changes:​ ​
How do I make a course change?
During the school year, you may fill out an appointment slip in the Guidance Centre.  It will be delivered to your homeroom class on the morning of your appointment, as determined by your Counsellor.

How do I make a course change during the Summer?
Guidance Counsellors return to work in September; however, they often come in the week prior to the start of the school year to complete priority course changes. Priority changes include incomplete courses, prerequisite issues and pathway planning.