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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Admissions & Registration

​Course Registration And Changes 

Every student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School must register for courses during the registration period in February of each school year.  Course registration is a very serious part of school organization and great care should be taken in selecting courses.  The courses that are chosen at course selection time are the ones that will appear on the printed student timetable unless there are conflicts or cancelled courses.  In some cases, course changes are necessary and appropriate.  The procedures for making course changes or timetable adjustments are as follows:
  • Due to small enrolment, some classes may be cancelled.  Students will be informed of this and asked to pick alternate courses. 
  • Students with timetable conflicts or incomplete timetables will receive first priority in scheduling Guidance sessions when the timetable is known.
  • Students who take night school, summer school, correspondence or on-line courses should notify Guidance of the results of these courses as soon as possible after successful completion.
  • Students who are unsuccessful in courses at St. Joseph’s in Semester 2 should see Guidance immediately to make the necessary adjustments to their timetables for the next year.
  • Students may NOT change courses for the sake of convenience, choice of lunch periods, or to choose specific teachers. 
  • Cross-registration, taking a course at another high school during the school day, is discouraged and students must meet strict criteria in order to qualify.
  • Upgrade or repeated courses can only count as one credit. Example: If you take SBI4U twice, it only counts as one credit towards a graduation diploma.

​Dropping Of A Course

​Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 must register for 8 credits for every academic year.  Under exceptional circumstances and after consultation with parents, teachers, guidance, student success, learning services and administration, a student may be placed on a partial timetable. Senior students must maintain a minimum of 3 courses per semester and must have completed a minimum of 24 credits before a study period is allowed.

Any student wishing to drop a course must continue attending the course until they have met with and been given the approval of a Guidance counsellor.  Students do not have the right to withdraw themselves from classes.

Withdrawal from Grade 11 or 12 courses must be done within 5 instructional days following the issue of the mid-term report card to ensure the mark for the course is not recorded on the transcript.  Withdrawal from all courses must be done through the Guidance Office.

Gold Card

​Gold Cards are awarded to students whose average is 80% or higher following final marks in each semester.  The Gold Card provides the student with the potential ability to sign out of classes to pursue other schoolwork during the day.  This freedom may be helpful for students in preparing for tests, meeting teachers for assistance outside of lunch periods and to complete assignments.  This recognition is not intended to provide students with free periods out of class and teachers reserve the right to retain a student in class for a particular period or class.  Students who miss a class through the use of the Gold Card must ensure that they complete all homework and obtain materials from the missed classes.

OSSD Graduation Requirements – Community Involvement, Literacy Test, 30 Credits

​Every student must complete 40 hours of Community Service, to successfully graduate from an Ontario secondary school.  Brochures outlining acceptable activities and completion forms, requiring signatures verifying completion, are available in Guidance.

Every student must successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test or Literacy Course in order to graduate.

It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to monitor the number of credits attained and to ensure they have acquired sufficient credits to graduate.  A total of thirty credits must be acquired in order to graduate; eighteen of these credits are for compulsory or required courses.  

Transfers / Withdrawals / Retirements

​Students who transfer from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School or who are leaving school must contact the school administration as soon as possible. Retiring students are required to complete a retirement form, return all textbooks, library materials, school team uniforms and equipment.