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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Admissions & Registration
School within a College (SWAC)

​The London District Catholic School Board is offering a School Within a College opportunity hosted at Fanshawe College London. SWAC is a program aimed at disengaged and underachieving students who have the potential to succeed but are at risk of not graduating, and students who have left school before graduating.  SWAC provides students with the chance to earn credits towards their OSSD while also taking up to four dual credit courses within a year. Students in this program will also receive support in becoming self-directed, responsible, lifelong learners.

Students in the SWAC program will attend the Fanshawe College main campus (London) five days per week, and will participate in the dual credit day away program within their week at the college. All materials required for the dual credits taken through SWAC will be provided to the student by the college.​