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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
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Your Support System


Entering secondary school is an important milestone in your life. Never feel that you are on your own. There are a number of programmes and people to help you along the journey. In secondary school, every student is assigned a Guidance Counsellor and a Vice Principal. They are available to address your concerns and assist you. There are also other supports available to you - your subject teachers, Program Support teacher and Chaplaincy Leader, among others.

Administrators: Principal/Vice Principal

... are responsible for ensuring safe and secure schools. They are available to assist students and parents with concerns.


... play an essential role in the transition to secondary school. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to remain involved in all aspects of their son's/daughter's education.

Student Success Teachers

... help you deal with challenges you may face as you transition to secondary school. They monitor students progress and organize support if it's needed. See your Guidance Counsellor for a referral.

Student Program Support Teacher

... monitor and support students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). They work with students, teachers, and parents to ensure that students' individual learning needs are met.

Social Worker

... offer students opportunities to talk about personal, family or peer challenges that affect achievement and well-being. Social Workers can provide individual or group support.

Guidance Counsellors

... assist students with planning their educational pathways, career plans, course selections and developing personal management skills. They are also available to assist students with personal concerns and guide them to other professionals for specific assistance.​

Chaplaincy Leader

... offer the whole school community, student and staff, opportunities to celebrate and live the faith through liturgies, retreats, prayer and in our every day words and learning and the Word of God. They offer a pastoral role that is meant to promote the spiritual and human dimensions of all members of the Catholic School community.​​