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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Admissions & Registration
Frequently Asked Questions

My choice of password doesn't seem to be accepted. What am I doing wrong?

Due to the privacy concerns of the personal information of students the parental portal requires a strong password and so as such has several requirements.

The password must be at least 5 characters long. Contain an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number and a special character such as ! or #.

A popular way to create a password is to take a common or an easy to remember word or phrase and substitute letters for numbers or characters.

Some examples would be replacing a H with a #, an S with either a $ or a 5, or a L with a !.

So a word such as Serenity could become 5eren!Ty.

I have more than one child, how do I add another student to my profile?

There are two ways to add additional students to your profile. The first is when you initially sign up you are required to enter at least one students ID and Password but you have the ability to enter more than one. The other way is to log in, click on Account Preferences and then Students. Simply click the Add button and add your students.

I only have the ID and Password for one of my children. How do I get the ID and Password for my other children?

Simply email from the email address you signed up with and indicate which students ID and Password you require.

I have an issue / question / problem / query / thought / idea / something else. Who do I speak to?

Your first point of contact should be Nathan Leeds. Use to email him and you will get a response / resolution as soon as possible.

My child's attendance in a class is incorrect, how do I get it corrected?

On the Grades and Attendance page there will be a link on the teacher's name which you can use to ask for clarification on the attendance.

My child's marks add up to a number that is different from the final mark given by the teacher. Why is that?

Assignments and tests given by teachers are not always weighted equally. Different weighting applied to different assignments based on their complexity and difficulty.​