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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
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Parent Portal Walkthrough

Once logged on at you will see the following page:

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_0.jpg

The Grades and Attendance page displays the student's mark for the latest reporting period as well as the attendance for each class for the last two weeks. The total number of absences and lates for each class are displayed on the right hand side as links that will give more details. The teacher for each class is shown as a clickable link that allows the parent to send an email to that teacher. Due to the number of different attendance codes used in a school, there is a handy legend at the bottom of the page. The M1, S1, M2 and S2 are the Mid Term and Final marks for each Semester.

The second tab on the Grades and Attendance page displays the Standard Grades. These appear on the four report cards issued throughout the school year as Learning Skills. The descriptions for the grades are all links that will display information about each grade.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_1.jpg

The second item on the Navigation menu is the Grade History which will display the marks from the previous reporting period. The % number will bring up a page with more details when clicked.​

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_2.jpg

Underneath the Grade History link is the Attendance History. The heading displays Meeting Attendance History as the student management system uses the term Meeting to define a period. This is where a parent can see all the attendance for the class. Again, each class taken by the student will be displayed.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_3.jpg

The school Bulletin will often display upcoming events and information useful for parents.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_4.jpg

Under My Schedule there are two options for displaying a student's timetable. The week view simply does that, showing the schedule for the current week whereas the Matrix View shows the whole school year (semester 1 and semester 2).​

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_5.jpg

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_6.jpg

School information displays just that, the address and contact numbers for the school.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_7.jpg

The Account Preferences – Profile page is where the parent can make changes to their login details as well as username and password.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_8.jpg

Account Preferences – Students displays the students that the parent can see as well as a button to add another student.

Parent Portal Walkthrough_img_9.jpg