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The St. Joseph's Catholic High School Social Justice Club has created a bi-weekly article to keep the school and community updated on local events that are working to make our local area a better place.  This article is a place for quick information regarding volunteer events for volunteer hours as well as a source of celebration for successful events that the students of St. Joseph's Catholic High School have been a part of. 

            This school year has already been full of fun and family as summer began to turn into fall.  As us rams began to settle back into the swing of things, there were many opportunities for clubs (such as social justice!) and volunteering in the local community.

            The transition from September to October opened with a butterfly release for the Violence Against Women Services Elgin County.  Thanks to the work of Mrs. Manfredi, a large showing of St. Joseph's students represented the school well at this moving ceremony on September, 30th.  Over four-hundred monarch butterflies were released by members of the community to represent the number of people that the shelter assisted over the last year. It was a sunny afternoon full of reflection, support, and thankfulness that changed the perspectives of many.

            The week of October 2nd  was St. Joseph's Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive.  Our school collected a significant amount of cans that will go to families in need in the local community.  Thanks to the work of our students and the Caring Cupboard, the Thanksgiving weekend celebrations included a few more full stomachs.

            Upcoming events within the next week for St. Joseph's Catholic High School  include starting the initiatives for remembrance day.  We plan to reach out to veterans in various ways, so keep your eyes and ears open to the announcements, and our new article!

            As for volunteer opportunities in the community, here are some that have recently been posted:

  • Accessible Housing London is in need for volunteers to assist in creating awareness for the charity in London and surrounding area.  No experience is required.  If interested, contact:
  • Pets Friends for Life (non-profit cat shelter in St. Thomas) need volunteers to help clean the shelter and play with the cats, especially for Saturday and Sunday mornings. If interested, contact: 519-631-5757.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex needs Peer Support Volunteers.  These volunteers would be of assistance to individuals who have recently left a hospital stay and need help with a transition back into daily life.  Volunteers are required to have positive skills regarding coping and recovery (usually with experience with mental illness or addictions), must submit an application, resume, and background check completed within the last 6 months.  1-2 hours of service per week is all that is required.  If interested, contact or  519-685-8500 ext. 52639.


            Check back in two weeks for the next Social Justice Update Article!

Kyleigh Stubbs