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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
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Student Voice Initiative

Student Voice is about you – Ontario's students – having a voice in your learning. It's about connecting what's happening in the classroom to real-life experiences outside school and giving you ways to help achieve your goals.  

Student Voice aims to promote student engagement and success in Ontario’s schools by listening to and learning from students.  The SpeakUp Projects program provides funding to help you, the students, lead projects that make a difference in your school, have your voices heard and take action. 

Student-led project teams can submit proposals to the ministry for evaluation.  SpeakUp Project proposals can take many different forms, including starting a club, hosting an assembly or opening a school garden.  St. Joseph’s Catholic High School has been successful each year in obtaining at least one SpeakUp Project grants from the government to run programs that have had a lasting impact on our school community.​