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St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Admissions & Registration
Supervised Alternative Learning

​The London District Catholic School Board (the “Board”) is committed to creating a positive, safe, and faith-filled learning environment that supports the individual learning needs of our students, as well as being rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith. For the majority of students attending our Catholic secondary schools, engaged learning is best supported through differentiated teaching practices in regular and special needs classrooms. 

However, the Board recognizes that the regular day school program may not meet all of the distinct individual learning and social needs that face our young people today. Some secondary students may leave school prior to graduation for any number of reasons, including challenges related to family issues, economic disadvantages, legal conflicts, personal behaviours, substance abuse problems, mental illness, and even conflicts with the structure of the school itself. The Board believes that every student who stops attending school prior to graduation deserves our respect and support in the achievement of an alternative pathway to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

SAL is intended to be used for a very small segment of the student population, and only when other measures to help a young person remain in school are not effective. A period of time away from regular school attendance may help a young person resolve an issue so that he or she can return to school later. In all cases, the primary goal is to offer a program that is in the student’s best interests, reflects his or her input, and supports the student in meeting his or her goals. The purpose of SAL is to assist students either to return to school or to proceed to one of the five postsecondary options when they reach the age of 18 years; namely apprenticeship training, college, independent living, university, or the workplace.​​